Are You Tired Of Not Getting Quick and Accurate Answers To Your Film Making Problems? Do You Want To Know Exactly How To Create Great Films Without Having To Spend A Fortune On Kit?

The Biggest Hurdle When I Was Starting Out Was So Much Conflicting Information. Attempting To Identify The Critical Film Making Techniques From The Less Important Is Very Confusing And Massively Time Consuming 

Hello, my name is Den Lennie.

You might know me as the guy who masterminded the hugely successful DSLR Training DVD's by Philip Bloom and Dan Chung.  I’m the founder of the F-Stop Academy and a multi award winning cameraman and producer.  But I tend not to talk too much about that because my focus now is really now on training and education and this is where it's all about YOU.  

Over the past 17 years, I’ve filmed all over the world and over 3500 films and videos for broadcasters and production companies in over 50 countries.  That's how I learned my Craft and Gained my experience. 

Recently, I've been thinking about how I could help new and aspiring videographers and film makers achieve their dreams of shooting like a pro and being really proud of their work.

The internet has opened up information on every subject including filmmaking.  But what if you spend time learning something and its not relevant? Or what about just valuing your time?  Surely you want to be out there filming on your precious weekends not spending hours couped up in front of a computer screen searching for answers on noisy, opinionated forums where you get multiple conflicting answers to your simple question.

Having Experienced This Frustration 'First Hand' I Decided To Do Something About It 

“There is so much information on the net, which can be come confusing most times. Create the Film Look course is where you should start. It gives you foundational information that you and any aspiring film maker, videographer, cameraman need. "                Ratu Ratu, Tokoroa, New Zealand

Learning in today's internet world is very hard work. As an experiment I spent 6 months investigating on my own to get a sense of how straight forward it was for someone new to learn film making and to do it right, online. I spent many a long night trawling through blogs and forums and much of what I read just confused me more. It was a painful process and  I realised very quickly that anyone trying to learn this way would have a very, very steep learning curve, one I don't ever want to have to repeat. 


But after all the growing pains I experienced online, I decided to figure out if there was an easier way to learn all of this stuff.  If I could figure out an easy to replicate formula combining all the crucial steps that I have learned during my filming career, then with a simple step by step, easy to follow process  I could teach you everything you need to know - from the novice film makers viewpoint.

So I Created An Easy Way For You To Learn How To Shoot Great Looking Professional Video In A Very Short Space Of Time.

 Here's a small sample of what you'll discover in this training

  • So you wanna be a filmmaker? - what exactly does that responsibility involve?  I will explain exactly the 7 step processs to mastering professional film making and show you how to do it regardless of what camera you have.
  • HD-SLR or Video? it's not film so how do you optimize your camera for the "Film Look?" What do all the settings mean and which ones should you use and when? You can't afford to get this wrong.  I will explain and demonstrate each one
  • Learn how to 'choose the right lenses' and get great results with no fuss. (No need for a complex theory, you'll get the easy fast fix)   Nobody ever explains this properly.
  • Easily follow the step by step instructions so that you will quickly feel confident shooting video like a pro on your D-SLR or video camera.  All the little tricks explained.
  • Learn how to light your video shoot regardless of what lighting you have available so you make it look easy and your videos will look great.  No-one has ever shown this simple technique before now.  (Clue it's NOT 3 point lighting)
  • Get a one-on-one over the shoulder experience as you learn how to shoot a sequence.
  • Learn the core differences shooting with constant light for video and how to control light outdoors. This will be a totally new concept to you.
  • Watch and follow the exact process for shooting a scene with a breakdown of every shot, camera move and directing the talent. This is the walk through process that you can replicate yourself on every shoot.

But before I let you have it, I must give you a final warning.

This Is Not Suitable For Everybody

If you are anxious when faced with change or fear the unknown then this probably isn't for you.

Also it's vitally important that you implement what I teach you because just watching the training alone won't make you a great film maker, you'll have to apply what you learn and make some films. But trust me that's the really fun part, and it’s much easier than you think.

This Is A Fast Track Training From Beginner To Expert Digital Film Maker In Only 4 Weeks

 But it will take application by you to achieve the best results.  Frankly as creatively driven people we're always trying to improve our work aren't we? It won't hurt you to come out of your comfort zone for a while, you'll be amazed with what you can achieve.

"I want to thank you again for putting the course together!  I believe it had such a positive impact on what I have learned about filmmaking.  Prior to your course I had no idea how to even begin making a film.  Your course helped me see that using the right tools makes the difference between the professional film look and the amateur camcorder look.  That helped me tremendously!"   Ed Diaz

What You're Getting Is A Treasure Map of The True 'Secrets' of Shooting Great Video

Here's What CTFL Film Makers Oakshed Media Had to Say about it:

If You Want To Avoid Screwing Up A Video Shoot Then This Intensive Program Will Give You The Piece Of Mind That You Need

 Here's What CTFL Film Maker Randy Noland had to Say about the program:

Here's What Our Recent Graduates Have To Say About Their New Found Film Making Successes:

“The way this course was structured over four weeks fit in perfectly with my busy professional life. Worth the fee alone just to be able to do it in my own time and not lose a single day on production.”  David Woodhead,  Nottingham, UK
“Good work CTFL team. I did not know much about filming when I joined. I completed the course and I have become more confident to explore a wider area in filming. I appreciate your open and professional approach. You don't hold back and I salute you for that. Your professional advice/teaching techniques and examples has positively ignited my confidence to take my filming career higher. Thank you for a course well worth it.”  Ayo-iShutter, Essex, UK
"This program offers a consistent expertise that I haven't been able to find elsewhere. I've learned a practical understanding of cinematography and film making like never before and my footage proves it!"  Christopher Brielmaier, Kenton, OH USA
“As a beginner and coming in 'from the cold' I found this course a tremendous leg-up. Surely, one could find similar information on the web all over the shop, but this is a highly structured and well put together course by people who obviously know what they're doing. Following the other tutorial DVDs from fstopacademy, this course has really given me more confidence in following this path. Warmest thanks and congratulations to you all, it was a well worth investment both from the content as from the price point perspective."         Chris Kunnert, Cork, Ireland
As someone who comes from the event/documentary side of the industry, Den's course was a real eye opener to the world of film making.  Robert Young. Kona, Hawaii
What a great course! I Iearned so much more than i even anticipated. Everything can be used on the next project.  Thank you very much for generously sharing your knowledge. It was great fun!!!               Amir Jaffer, San Francisco CA

Here's How You Too Can Join this NEW Elite Group of Professional Grade Film Makers

 Click Here to Place Your Secure Order. You Can Have Complete Access To This Course In Minutes!

As soon as you place your secure order and it has been processed, you'll be sent a confirmation email and a link to access the video tutorials instantly.

 The reason I've decided to make this a downloadable product as opposed to something you get in the mail is simple:

  1. It keeps costs down so you won't have to pay as much. This saves you money.
  2. You get this information immediately. Right now. In minutes.
  3. You can be shooting video today and, if you are looking to become a film making business owner, pitching it to your clients with renewed confidence - Then you can quit that 9-5 job you hate.


I also truly hope this can be the beginning of a long term relationship between us. We look forward to serving your training needs for many years to come.

And don't forget this product is the real deal, not some opinion related blog post.


I'm Offering To Share My Exact Techniques With You Step By Step So You Can Replicate Them


This training will absolutely give you the essential and comprehensive foundation you need to go and begin shooting video today designed exclusively for the aspiring videographer, by an experienced professional DOP.

Over 12 hours of concise content and 44 videos that you can access from anywhere, no need to spend money on travel to get to a live course where you lose a day's work and incur costs for hotels and petrol.

The training has been specifically designed so that you can watch the sections in short bursts and then apply what you've learned with your own camera in stages. It's modular learning but condensed and without the fluff of many opinion based blogs and websites that are out there.

I've seen all the garbage that's being sold on the internet.

Most of it is pure rubbish.

This is different. This is the real deal

In fact I'm certain you'll love this. I'm so sure of it I'm offering you the following guarantee:




The bottom Line is this:

If you don't like it, I don't want your money. 

You won't have to answer any questions, fill out any forms, or send anything back. Just let me know you're not happy and I'll immediately give back every single penny you spent…NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Period


Before You Decide.....Lets Recap

You'll receive:
  • The Full Create The Film Look Program $997 Value
  • Comprehensive Kit List and Jargon Buster $295 Value
  • 4 Weeks of Interactive Q&A Coaching $1995 Value
Total Value: $3287 Total

Remember, you have nothing to lose, and this website could be taken down at any minute if we hit our allocation of places early.

VIDEO AND FILM MAKING has always been a saturated market and it's always been highly competitive. The bar has just been raised higher with HD Video capable D-SLRS.

If you don't act quickly you risk being left behind….are you happy to just sit on the sidelines and just be an observer?

But I want to help you, and even though I could sell this course for a much higher fee I have decided not to, because times are tough in the industry and I want this opportunity to be accessible to you at a price that means you can get into this now!

So here's the catch: By making this training available to you and sharing my 'secrets' I risk you competing with me for a job in the future, but that's a risk I'll have to take because I believe in Karma.

Commercially it makes no sense to let every creative film maker with a passing interest to access this unique training. So only the elite, highly motivated and pioneers of our industry should be able to access this. And if that's you then go ahead and order now.

Click Here to Place Your Secure Order. You Can Have Complete Access To This Course In only 3 Minutes!

Thank You Very Much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this and spend the time with me.

I really hope you embrace this amazing training opportunity.

Warmest regards,


Here's What You Get:

  • 4 Weeks of Online Intensive Live learning
  • 44 Tutorials Videos - Over 12 hours of video Content
  • Intimate look at Every Part of Film Making Process Over The Shoulder
  • All Your Questions Answered (same day) On Private Members Only Forum by Den Lennie
  • Collaborate with Film Makers From Around The Globe
  • Full Kit Lists and Jargon Buster Glossary
  • Watch the tutorials and get Den's help online should you need it
  • 4 Recorded Q&A Teleseminars
  • Everything downloadable after 30 days

P.S. Remember this training is comprehensive, and purposely lean on fluff, it’s the nuts and bolts detail to get you shooting video super quick and with confidence so you can offer it to your clients. And stay ahead of the competition

And for only 25 People: Premium Membership

 (My normal consulting rate is $1500 per day and a 1 hour phone call is $300). Premium membership gives you unprecented access to me one on one, I will give you the following:

  • A Personal review of one of your films and a 1 page pdf report with comprehensive comments on your films overall style, lighting , composition and specific feedback to help you improve your work.
  • And A 45 minute 1-to-1 coaching call with Den to discuss anything related to Your film making.